Repatriation of Human Remains to Peru – Lima – Repatriation Rates

If you are arranging the repatriation of human remains to Peru – Lima, you will require additional documentation, this can be arranged by funeral directors or by us. We do not get involved in supplying the five standard repatriation documents, as this is the responsibility of funeral directors, but we can assist with any consular paperwork. We have hundreds of funeral directors from around the UK that use our international repatriation services, as well as repatriation companies from around the world.

We have been involved in the repatriation of human remains for over 20 years and have built a reputation for service.

Customs Airports in Peru

The airports listed below are Customs airports

  • Lima – Jorge Chavez International Airport

If you require assistance with the repatriation of human remains to Peru – Lima, click on the links or give us a call.

Embassy of Peru

52 Sloane Street

Tel: 020 7235 1917 

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