Repatriation of Human Remains to Indonesia – Jakarta

We can arrange the repatriation of human remains to Indonesia, to one of the many international airports, often at preferential rates. We have a consular service to help you arrange the additional documentation that is required for repatriating to Indonesia. If you require a flight tray or you need the deceased collected anywhere in the UK, we can help you.

Customs Airports in Indonesia

The airports listed below are Customs airports

  • Bandung
  • Denpasar – Bali
  • Jakarta
  • Lombok
  • Semerang
  • Surabaya

There are many more airports in Indonesia. Always check as not all flights can transport a coffin.

If you need assistance with arranging the repatriation of human remains to Indonesia, call us or click on one of the links below. 

Indonesian Embassy

38 Grosvenor Square

Tel: 020 7499 7661 

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