Repatriation of human remains to Chile – Santiago

You will need to make sure your documentation is in order when arranging the repatriation of human remains to Chile. We have been arranging repatriations to Santiago, Chile for many years and can assist with all your requirements. 

We have preferential transport rates for repatriations to Santiago, Chile and most countries worldwide, which we pass on to funeral directors.

Customs Airports in Chile 

The airports listed below are Customs airports.

  • Antofagasta
  • Arica
  • Balmaceda
  • Calama
  • Concepcion
  • Iquique
  • La Serena
  • Los Andes
  • Osorno
  • Puerto Montt
  • Punta Arenas
  • Santiago¬†

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Embassy of Chile

37-41 Old Queen Street

Tel: 020 7222 2361 

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