Shipping Human Remains by Air

There are many things to consider when shipping human remains by air. It may seem obvious, but these are some of the things that could catch you out.

Is the aircraft large enough to take the coffin?

Often the family would like an American Casket, but they are very large and not all flights are large enough to take them. Some flights are even restricted on the weight and size of UK coffins.

Does the flight take passengers?

Some flights are for cargo only, so it is not possible for family members to travel with the coffin. If family members are travelling we will do our best to find a flight that they can travel on. 

Do the flights operate on the day that the family wish to send the deceased?

Some times the best price is quoted on an airline that only flies on certain days or is via another airport and requires the family to stop over. It may be better to look for a direct flight, if available, it may be higher but could save money overall.

Does the destination require more documentation?

Certain countries have additional requirements for shipping human remains by air. You need to factor in extra time to get all the documentation completed.

The term most commonly used for shipping human remains by air is repatriation.


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