About Key Air EU

KeyAir are IATA approved cargo agents and one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom for the repatriation of human remains. We have been offering repatriation services for over 20 years. In 2003 we created our own repatriation division and began to negotiate with airlines for reduced repatriation rates. At that time we joined SAIF, NAFD and FIAT IFTA, and have enjoyed tremendous support through the years from these industry bodies. We have relied largely on word of mouth to promote our services, and we appreciate the long-term loyalty of the many funeral directors we serve.

Our team has an extensive knowledge and a profound understanding of the processes and requirements for international repatriation. Our commitment to the funeral industry is recognised by air service providers, and we frequently receive referrals from airlines.

Unlike most repatriation agents we are able to print the airline documentation at our office, where we also have a direct link to HM Customs, allowing us to arrange customs clearance any day of the week. Our day does not end when we leave the office, we transfer our calls out of hours and are often called by airlines at weekends to customs clear human remains at London Heathrow and Gatwick.

As well as offering repatriation services, we also manufacture repatriation flight trays from our warehouse based near Heathrow Airport.

  • 2003      Set up our Repatriation Division, joined NAFD and SAIF
  • 2004      attended NFE and NAFD AGM
  • 2005      Published the first ever repatriation tariff, attended IAFD Dublin Conference, exhibited at SAIF AGM, participated in NAFD’s Lyke Wake Walk fundraiser
  • 2006      Exhibited at SAIF AGM and Northern area meetings
  • 2007      started ‘Back the Brits’ campaign to reduce repatriation charges for the families of those deceased overseas, Exhibited at NFE , SAIF AGM, and NFDA, Las Vegas
  • 2008      Exhibited at SAIF AGM and at NFDA, Orlando. Attended the Dutch Funeral Exhibition at Gorinchem. Guest speakers at SAIF Belfast meeting
  • 2009      Exhibited at NFE, Opened our helpline ‘Repatriation Help’, providing advice and support to funeral directors and family members
  • 2010      Attended FIAT-IFTA Conference – Beijing and Shanghai, set up direct link to HM Customs
  • 2011      Expanded LHR premises, Exhibited at NFE