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Repatriation of Human Remains to Turkey - Repatriation Rates

We arrange the repatriation of human remains to Turkey for a range of clients including UK funeral directors and international repatriation agents. We specialize in arranging transportation of human remains to destinations around the globe at reduced rates due to our close relationship with many international airlines. We now have preferential repatriation rates with over 40 airlines to hundreds of destinations. We can provide additional services including arranging additional repatriation documentation, transporting coffins from anywhere in the UK and supplying flight trays, for extra protection to the coffin during transport.

Customs Airports in Turkey

The airports listed below are Customs airports

Ankara - Esenboga International Airport
Istanbul - Ataturk International Airport
Izmir - Adnan Menderes International Airport

For assistance with repatriation of human remains to Turkey or to get reduced repatriation rates, click on the links below or give us a call. 

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Consulate General of Turkey
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