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Repatriation of Human Remains to Seychelles - Mahe Island - Repatriation Rates

When we arrange the repatriation of human remains to Seychelles, we send them to Seychelles International Airport on Mahe Island. Local funeral directors would assist to move the deceased on to the final destination. Documentation for repatriation to Seychelles is straight forward, with just the five standard documents being required. We have been able to negotiate reduced repatriation rates to Mahe, on a highly respected international airline, which we pass on to our clients. For extra protection for the coffin during transportation some funeral directors choose to use a flight tray, which we make at our London premises, but hessian wrapping is acceptable as long as some protective packing such as bubblewrap is used.

Customs Airports in Seychelles

The airports listed below are Customs airports

Seychelles International Airport - Mahe Island

We can help you with all aspects of repatriation of human remains to Seychelles, click on the links or give us a call to find out how. 

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