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Repatriation of Human Remains to Eritrea

If you are arranging a repatriation of human remains to Eritrea, you will need to get additional documentation from the Eritrean Embassy. We have extensive knowledge regarding the repatriation of human remains to Eritrea and have assisted many funeral directors to arrange flights to Asmara. We can arrange pick up of the deceased anywhere in the UK or Ireland, we can assist with documentation and also supply flight trays.

Customs Airports in Eritrea

The airports listed below are Customs airports


We are one of the most professional companies in the UK offering repatriation of human remains to Eritrea, to find out how we can help you, call us or click on one of the links below. 

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Embassy Information

Embassy of Eritrea
96 White Lion Street
N1 9OF

Tel: 020 7713 0096