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Repatriation of Human Remains to Belgium

The five standard repatriation documents are all that are required for us to book a repatriation of human remains to Belgium. Coffins must be zinc lined which is standard for all destinations other than repatriations to Ireland and UK domestic destinations. Being a member state of the EU, VAT will be charged on the repatriation costs.

We have agreed preferential repatriation rates with the airlines and they are a flat price up to 150Kgs. The repatriation may be restricted to a limited number of flights per day subject to the aircraft size. We can advise on the best flights to use.

Customs Airports in Belgium

The airports listed below are Customs airports

Brussels - Zaventem

We can arrange repatriation of human remains to Belgium on direct flights to Brussels. If you require a quotation or would like to make a booking , click on one of the links below and complete the simple form.

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Embassy Information

Belgian Embassy
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