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Transport Security for the Repatriation of Human Remains

When human remains are repatriated by air they must pass through transport security. Usually the coffin passes through security without a problem, but there are occasions when a problem arises because items have been placed in the coffin.

The regulations state that the coffin should include only the deceased, their clothing (No additional clothing) and necessary packing. The items listed below have been known to create security problems.

Bottles of Water
Cuddly Toys
Laptop Computer (Caused airport evacuation)
Sports Bags 

If there are any medical implants or amputations these need to be mentioned. The below have caused problems.

False Limbs
Amputated Limbs (The x-ray operator thought that they couldn't see through part of the coffin)

If you need to check regulations regarding transport security please give us a call. 


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