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Flight Trays for Human Remains Transportation


We manufacture flight trays for human remains transportation at our premises near London Heathrow airport. Made from heat treated pine and with a base of 9mm ply, the flight trays comply with ISPM15, the international standard for wood packaging. The corners are reinforced with Zintec for added protection. Coffins and Caskets can now be packed in under 2 minutes due to the sturdy quick release clips and pre-cut cardboard covers.

They are available in the following sizes.

  UK Small UK Large Casket
Weight 16Kgs 22Kgs 23Kgs
Internal Dimensions 198 x 63 x 48cms 209 x 72 x 48cms 218 x 76 x 56cms
External Dimensions 203 x 68 x 49cms 214 x 78 x 49cms 223 x 83 x 60cms
Flat Packed Dimensions for Storage 203 x 68 x 10cms 214 x 78 x 11cms 223 x 83 x 11cms
Price GBP70.00 GBP70.00 GBP70.00
Delivery Prices on request Prices on request Prices on request

Due to limited stocks we are only able to supply flight trays for human remains transportation that we arrange.

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