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Human Remains Ashes


For many years we have been able to offer low cost door to door worldwide repatriation of human remains ashes through the TNT courier network. Gradually TNT has been reducing the destinations that they could deliver to and as of 10th November 2014, TNT has announced that they will now only be able to offer the door to door service to the EU. All other ashes sent through TNT will be through special services, this is a very expensive service and is up to destination airport only. If this situation changes we will advise.

Don't Pay Too Much On Shipping Cremated Remains

There are companies claiming to be experts in shipping cremated remains, but are quoting £650.00 to send ashes to airport only (Outside of Europe), in our opinion this is between £200.00 and £450.00 too much. We are able to offer a much more cost effective service to airport for ashes. We can still arrange pick up from your premises.

We are one of the most professional repatriation companies in the UK and have over 20 years experience shipping cremated remains and human remains.

To get the lowest rates for repatriation of human remains ashes and shipping cremated remains call us or click on the link below.

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